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Handmade and hand-dyed wall and floor coverings

Handcrafted to showcase the natural beauty of wool.

Entirely handmade this masterful textiles use all natural dyes, raw wool or cotton to create mesmerizing pedal loomed pieces.

Working locally and through collaboration with artisans and designers, we offer an authentic craft that adapts tradition to your desired style.

Your style, inspiration, visual references, proposal weaved into a one of a kind tapestry.

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Voila Artisan Collaborators

Handmade entirely with 100% local wool or cotton and hand dyed with only natural dyes our tapestries are weaved using a pedal loom which was built locally using traditional methods.

Through generations the artisans of the region have achieved a process that generates almost no residue. The natural quality of the dyes also mean there is no water pollution in the process.

The intricate knowledge from the people of the Valley of Oaxaca allows for the weaving process to be seamless and able to transform on each commission.

Voila! Tapestries are made possible through an exclusive collaboration with an entire network of artisan families from Oaxaca that create textiles and tapestries with traditional methods that have been passed from generation to generation for hundreds of years.

As a family tradition it is usually the men who weave and the women who dye and clean the textiles. Together they are able to

sustain their families whilst preserving their history.

The tapestry commissions can be adapted in shape, size, colors and texture. All of this allows for every piece to be unique.

As an example we would like to share with you the biggest

commission we have done so far: the Tamarisk Tapestry

A link between tradition and design…

We translate your creative vision into a unique work of art.

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The Tamarisk Tapestry is certainly a one-of-a-kind piece. Measuring 46 ft 6 in x 10 ft 6 in its massive size makes it unique. This as told by the families that were involved in the months long process of creating it.

The tapestry is a piece that carries tradition and family values within its threads. Each color comes from the earth and nature. A piece of the remote Oaxacan landscapes now in the Valley of Palm Springs.

A perfect mix between technology and tradition, our team was able to work a digital and highly detailed design into a

one-to-one scale print that allowed to translate the design into the weaving process.

A process that has been perfected for centuries and shows it is still open to challenge and learning. This tapestry is the result of innovation and risk-taking decisions. It carries a new lesson for a whole town.

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